But the angel had decided it was too late.After thousands of years he can tell when something is broken.Whatever Dean needed him for now could probably wait until after the next day?s festivities, but the tug was insistent, nagging at him to respond.Find out what his darkest thought and desire was before being killed by Lucifer.Takes place at the end of s13e5 and just after the beginning of s13e06.When his younger brother Sam dies, Dean Winchester loses everything. Pokemon fanfiction ash latios starter. Against the metal stair case that leads to the door.Angels protect the person they are responsible for from far away, only intervening when it is absolutely necessary. --- Or: Five Times Castiel Watched Over the Reincarnation of Dean Without His Knowledge (and two times Jason knew) In short: Dean Winchester is reincarnated as Jason Todd, and Castiel is assigned to be his Guardian Angel.There hadn?t been time to think about what he feels.He?d decided it was too late just like he?d decided not to tell them about Jack.But after years of watching Dean live an increasingly dangerous life, his guardian angel has had enough and has decided to physically be there for Dean.But his heart wishes for it all the same, and Sam wishes there was something he could do for his brother.He sighed deeply, marking his spot in his book and setting it gently on the desk in front of him.But by doing this, rules that have been around for thousands of years are broken and, literally, hell breaks out..Everything is going perfectly fine until Castiel accidently reveal himself to Dean.

castiel guardian angel
Guardian Angel Castiel

Supernatural Dean/Castiel Dean's Guardian Angel

Perfect.Something does catch his eye, but it’s no footprint.And again, quite often, when he has the time or the money, or just the strange, quietly unsettled feeling he gets when he goes too long without seeing Dean in person.The slightest unconscious twitch of his grace wipes the surface clean in an instant, the copper gleaming like new against his fingers.It was a very explicit condition of the ritual, after all; telling anyone else his wishes would break the sacred covenant between wish caster and wish granter, nullifying his prayers.Tearing his hand away from his face he looks at the ground, hunting for tracks on the grimy tarmac as if his baby brother’s another monster on the run. Guy first anal. He'd said something vague about scoping out the area to explain himself, give him some cover, leaving John in the car listening in on local police radio and none the wiser. It’s shiny, it’s pretty, but ultimately it’s just that.Enough to make one real tired guy think that somewhere there’s something, someone, on his side for a change. He tosses it in the air, catches it on its downward spin, and slaps it down on the back of his hand. “How do you always do that?” Dean frowns.In his right hand, he clutches onto a handful of Sammy’s sweatshirt- fucking dumbass, running away without a decent goddamn jacket.Okay, so not completely useless.Well, no, she probably had- but not to spill the secret. He materialises at the edge of the fountain with the merest flick of his wings, gazing down at the water where the trickling streams from the raised central dais cause the otherwise flat surface to roil and churn. Wait. Looks like he’s shit out of luck.Oh perhaps the unspoken taboo is desuasion enough. He scowls and scuffs the dirt under the bench with his foot- and gets distracted from angrily pocketing his meagre findings by a glint of silver in the soil.Crying is for when you’re so drunk you can’t see, like Dad gets sometimes.A goddamn eleven year old kid out alone on the streets. “Sammy?” Silence, tense.Congrats on the upgrade, Cassie!’ Sniffing furiously, Dean puts his head in his hands, forcing his palms so hard against his closed eyes it makes weird colours dance inside his eyelids. Peridot fusion. Crazy Dean Winchester, who thinks he’s a monster hunter. “Nice try, loser.Probably just telling stories about her crazy ex-boyfriend at college parties, laughing with her drunk friends about the bullet she’d dodged by dumping him.Because there is no way, no goddamn way in hell, that he’s explaining to Dad why he’s crying over a dollar twenty-five.

The Cosmic Entity, who rules this realm, is annoyed by Castiel's being awake and attempts to use his own memories and insecurities against him to make him fall back asleep forever.Lucifer eventually takes the President of the United States as his vessel, and conceives a child with one of the president's staff, but he is banished from this vessel thanks to the Winchesters and Crowley.Castiel is nearly caught several times by the angels searching for him and gets a tattoo that will ward him against angels.He soon becomes imprisoned by Lucifer, who tries to tempt Castiel into joining him, pointing out they are both targets of Heaven, but Castiel refuses.He's been watching human beings from a great distance for the last two thousand years, so angels haven't been on Earth mingling with human beings for the last two thousand years.Castiel is sent to find the angel tablet and tortures and kills the demons also looking for it, drawing Sam and Dean's attention. Jackets. Supernatural.Collins originally read for the part of a demon, as series creator Eric Kripke did not want fans to find out that angels were being introduced to the series.When talking with another angel at an auction for the second Word of God tablet, Dean again states that Castiel did not make it out of Purgatory.Castiel shows remorse for his previous actions and initially wants to leave, but Dean is able to convince him to help by giving him back his trench coat.Later, after Lisa is mortally wounded by a demon possessing her in an attempt to force Dean not to exorcise her, Castiel arrives at the hospital and without being asked, heals her wounds and at Dean's request, erases all of her and her son Ben's memories of Dean.

castiel guardian angel
The Angel's Guardian

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“Do you still want that burger?”.He held out his hand to Sam.He only ever got this feeling around Castiel.The air in the motel room was still and silent as ever. “Pass 'em over, Sammy.”. Deckard shaw fic. .Cas’ blue eyes followed him intently.It was easier to break free than he had anticipated, and he ended up staggering back a few more steps than necessary.The only people who should be knowing Dean’s thoughts were him and God, and even that he had some issues with.I have a right to be concerned-” Cas’ attention had turned back to the book. “Figures,” he muttered, turning to examine the gun he’d disassembled on the bed.As always, thank you so much for reading, kudos and comments greatly appreciated.The hair on the back of his neck stood up as he met the angel’s gaze.All I know for sure is I'll be bringing popcorn.He was not ready to get into a discussion about his dad.It's officially canon now, but looking back all I can see is how canon it's been since day one.If you really liked this fic I've got a Ko-Fi where you can support me.After the day I've had, those had better be cheeseburgers.His bright blue eyes suddenly struck Dean’s.He turned his attention instead to the case at hand.He just needed a little bit of divine intervention.So I did some reminiscing to season 4 and this happened. Eugenie Ross-Leming Interview. The soul that, according to him, he’d pieced it back together, which was something Dean didn’t like thinking about. “Hey, LeVar Burton, I’m talking to you!”. “You gotta give a guy a warning!”.It wasn’t soft, but it had been a long day, and he was tired.I think the idea of doing commissioned fics for a buck or two would be really fun, so let me know if you'd be interested in any of that

) Disclaimer: All rights go to the creators of Supernatural, excluding scenes I alter as well as my own characters.Ever since she was born, the angels were given orders to protect her, specifi..WARNING: Contains light smut, cussing (When I feel it fits the scene).The reason is that John Winchester sent her away after.Hell bent on getting back what was stolen from him, he meets the Winchester boys who are fighting the apocalypse, and their sister. Aizawa x izuku. Everything from ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and anything else anyone could think of.Season4 and on spoilers.Out of nowhere an angel called Castiel appears and changes your life forever

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Fallen Angel (Supernatural fanfiction_ Castiel as a guardian angel)

Smaller, less noticeable, are the layers of warding on the wood of the crib itself, effective against every creature or entity with intent to harm the special soul sleeping within its hold.Even after all those years of having his grace connected to his human’s soul, the feeling of absolute serenity and comfort- of.His gaze flits away from the sky, bouncing around his surroundings, assuming he would have ended up in a hospital somewhere; instead, Castiel finds himself perched on the roof of a building in the dead of night, a breeze he can’t feel making his trenchcoat flap and wings rustle.However, it is not my first Jason Todd or Batman fic meaning I'm fairly confident in my ability to meld both.But there is enough different to let Castiel scrap that conclusion: the couple appear much younger than Castiel remembers them ever being, “Mary’s” blue eyes are shadowed by a glassiness signature of drug addicts with multiple overdoses under their belt, and “John” already seems to have a collection of scars in places the patriarch never had.That being said, please leave a review and tell me what y'all think- every hit counts. 100+ Human Admiration ideas. Jason continues to gurgle and coo uninterrupted at the trenchcoated angel watching over him.You will know when his soul is ready, I promise. “He is a gift, Castiel.Cradling Jason against his shoulder, the angel walks over to it and tenderly places Jason on the cushion resting in the crib.Castiel smiles at him adoringly, reaching out a finger to trace the baby’s face only to chuckle in amazement when the baby smiles back just as sweetly.That being said, at the time of posting this first part, I am only up to watching season 10 of SPN, so up to a certain point this fic will be AU from the show.Anywho, I really hope y'all enjoy this for the fluff-n-feels fest that it is, and while this fic has been beta-ed by my best friend, she doesn't watch SPN so if anything's too far off or read wrong just hit me up in the comments section.Jason continues to gurgle and coo uninterrupted at the trenchcoated angel watching over him.If I send you to him, you must promise to solely be a Guardian, a silent and invisible confidant, until his soul is ready.The babe’s un-seeing eyes wander in the vicinity of the mobile Castiel created, gurgles producing bubbles as Jason smiles.” Chuck had closed His eyes then, sighing before opening them again to meet His son’s fragile gaze..If the angel didn’t know better, the man’s hazel eyes and tousled, dark brown hair paired with the woman’s clear blue eyes and tied up blonde hair would have let his mind assume them to be John and Mary.

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Guardian Angel

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Castiel Elena | Your Guardian Angel [AU] part two

Dean feels his shoulders fall. He’d let Cass get to close and he’d disappointed him, just as that Cass had disappointed future Dean..” The words echo past Dean, blurring and distorting on their way.Castiel walks away numbly yet all too raw. I’m dead to you. Fallout 3 x reader. Dean had pushed and pushed and Cass had fallen over the edge of no return.Their normal least.Sam is wreck and Dean has to find a way to get things back to normal.The last time his mother died he spent over two decades hunting and killing every monster involved.He knew they’d both done things and said things.But the angel had decided it was too late.He hears his mouth moving, lashing out and he wants to not care.It’s so much worse than the future Zachariah had dropped him into.But the angel had decided it was too late. “Jack’s dead. Now Cass is here. He agrees. You still blame me for Mary. Cass had lied to them again.The earth may be fine but his world had just imploded.He can’t think, can’t process what Cass had said, what it all means.You don’t care. Yugi x rebecca. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, doesn’t even really understand what he’s saying.At the cost of yet another friend but what else was new. Of course he does.Dean raises his eyes from his drink as Castiel turns away.So cheers to being extra traumatized at the end.So much worse. “Where are you going?” Dean knows.” He does.He knew they’d both done things and said things.Like he always does. You and Sam have each other.He doesn’t care. Chuck’s gone.Dean won’t trap him in a place where he thinks he isn’t wanted. They just need some time for everything to get back to normal.After thousands of years he can tell when something is broken

With your parents fast asleep, you felt vulnerable.Always either good or bad, there is never really an in between.You huffed and puffed away at them, celebrating by yourself.Each one, was removed and replaced rather quickly.Sitting on the creaking motel bed, you locked eyes with him.Running your hands under the faucet, you raised a decent amount of water to your face. Mom Please. Castiel was by your side every night, his presence holding you tight.Whether it was someone walking down the street who looked like you, or knowing that your birthday had passed - Cas stopped whatever he was doing.Yet, there was no doubt in his mind that chills ran up his spine.Castiel didn’t understand humans that well, but he had been watching them celebrate birthdays since the dawn of time.Tears streamed down your face as you imagined what had happened to your parents.Scrunching up your nose, you shook your head.Perhaps it was cursed; you didn’t want to take the chance of getting hurt again.Suddenly, the man who healed your every scratch, returned.You couldn’t understand how it could have been wolves.Staring at the cover you nodded fervently.Suddenly, it became hard for him to function. “Cassie!” You exclaimed before letting your feet off the ground.Laughter bubbled out from your lips, seconds later followed by a rush of crimson blood staining your skin. “Honey, did you wash your knees?” You nodded an enthusiastic no, causing your hair to fly around your face.Your mother cried out, hustling you into her arms.You shrugged, feeling nothing but pain boiling under your skin.

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The Guardian Angel ~Castiel love story~

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So Far Away (Dean/Castiel)

He licks his vomit-glazed lips and presses his fingers into his eyes until he sees stars.Tonight, he entered The Roadhouse with the intention of getting blind drunk until he couldn’t feel anymore.It’s the first dream he’s been able to remember in months.His little brother is dead and rotting in the fucking ground and those gross wriggly worms are probably eating his face, they’re probably— It’s funny until it isn’t, until Dean leans over and retches all over the gravel.”.Maybe Jess was out buying burgers and a six pack of beer for the three of them. 9 Absolutely Essential Episodes of SAMURAI JACK. I never even learned my SAT vocab words and you’re out here rememberin’ them fifty years later.Life is arduous, filled to the brim with moments that aren’t important enough to be remembered by anyone.As the last sliver of faith leaves him, Dean plunges into a sea of despair.He feels the strangest sensation, like they are ripping into him.Dean wakes up in the backseat of his ’67 Chevy Impala, tear tracks running down his cheeks.”.He licks his cracked lips and tastes metal.It’s the best way he can think of to numb the pain while simultaneously torturing himself—he likes the airy feeling alcohol gives him at the beginning, but he hates the dry heaving and pounding headaches that follow soon after.He stoops down to touch it, wondering if the flame is real.Maybe Sam was studying: a textbook laid out on the coffee table, and his Bernese Mountain dog, Moose, curled into his side.He loved nothing more than telling Dean random shit that no one else knew and that he thought was meaningful.Then Sam teeters dangerously close to the edge of one roof and dips his foot over it, as though tempting fate.Though Dean cradles his final memories of Sam against his bones like his life depends on it, sometimes all that remain are the jagged edges.Wondering if he’s drunk enough that he won’t feel it.He turns his gaze back to the ground and decides he doesn’t like the stars anymore.No one else to see the jet black hair, mussed as though caressed by a hurricane.. European Guy. For a moment, the eyes are the only thing that Dean can see, and he becomes convinced that the sky is black because those eyes leeched all the blue from it.Sammy, please, I don’t have wings.This thing can’t be an angel, but goddammit, it looks just like what Dean would imagine a fallen angel to look like.His legs finally give out and he falls to the ground, ripping holes in his jeans and grazing his knees on the way down.No one else to feel the burn of a pair of blue eyes.

castiel guardian angel

castiel guardian angel

And a partner that was happy to do all the book work on a case, Dean added to the list.He looked up into the night sky and his eyes scanned the stars.With the hotel room quiet, and who knew how many miles under his belt, Dean felt the exhaustion calling to him.Castiel had ensured that he sent specialists out as soon as he was able, and they’d found the remaining pieces of Balthazar’s loot.This reason was far preferable to the idea that some lasting harm had befallen him.Without a glance at Sam, Dean flopped onto the bed and slid under the covers, ready to shut out the world. Millburn's Folly. He had to smile a bit.He knew even that was too much anymore, but he could not bring himself to abandon them.Watching Supernatural for the first time and I'm up to Season 7.Nothing too crazy has happened lately, sorta back to business as usual.If you went to the establishments too close to where they usually took a room you were liable to end up leaving with something you didn’t want.No, he thought after a moment, coffee was still happening.” Sam spoke his darkest fear to the night, then gathered his thoughts again.To have grown an attachment to a celestial being that had taken a shine to them for awhile and now had better things to do.They hadn’t eaten for five hundred miles, after all.But his heart wishes for it all the same, and Sam wishes there was something he could do for his brother.He had no right.Think it’s the same person that took the real prize?” Dean asked, watching a trail of ants surround a dropped cheese curl on the ground in front of the bench the guys were resting on.

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castiel x reader guardian angel

He was there during the house fire that took Mary.Everyone does die, but it isn’t really a sad affair.From that moment on Dean didn’t pray to God, he prayed to Castiel, had entire conversations with the Angel he knew was real.He turned to look at Castiel for some clarification.If Gabriel had a knowing glint in his eye every time Castiel had returned from seeing Dean, the Archangel didn’t mention it.He really wished those awful humans would stop spreading lies about people with different sexual orientations going to Hell. Severus Snape. Castiel hugged him back, holding the man close.The angel was confused, because most people come to the realization earlier in their lives that they aren’t straight, at least not completely.That didn’t make Castiel care about him any less.He’d been shucking his other responsibilities to make sure Dean was okay, even when he wasn’t needed, sometimes just watching him live his life.He was there when John would hit Dean while he was trying to defend his mother.Most weren’t able to judge time very well, but Castiel had become tuned in to it because he didn’t want to leave Dean unguarded for years, instead of weeks, by accident.Dean’s eyes went wide, welling up with tears.Castiel stopped to think, it’d been quite a few years now since he’d checked in on Dean.Castiel shook his head and hurried him along.He was even more happy that his dad was nowhere to be seen.It took Castiel a while to figure out what he was feeling for this human because, technically, angels couldn’t fall in love.

castiel guardian angel

is castiel dean guardian angel

He would honor that oath, even if Dean no longer remembered the circumstances in which it had been given.Castiel sensed they were alone, though there was a fire crackling away in the fireplace and a Christmas tree lit up with white lights.Something was clearly bothering him, but Castiel had known Dean since he was a teenager and knew that if he was going to share, it would be in his own time. “Sammy found it.It had been a long time since he’d done this, but his grace remembered what to do. All I gotta do is say them, and you’re free. Germany x reader ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs ➳ hints of nsfw. After being called, Castiel could not leave again until he was released by his charge, though he was not required to remain in the same location.He’d never really acquired the taste, even though Dean had spent most of his early twenties trying to convince Castiel to drink with him or accused him of “wasting it.In the low glow of the Christmas tree lights, Castiel could count the freckles splayed across Dean’s nose.Dean leaned back to take them in, awe on his face.I suppose I do appear unchanged to you.Dean’s eyes shot up from the floor to stare him down.The silence stretched out between them until Dean huffed a laugh.”. “Still an awkward son of a bitch, huh?”..Castiel rubbed a hand across his chest, knocking his tie askew, before he turned to face Dean.”.Dean nodded once again, then turned around with his shoulders hunched against the wind and led Castiel into a small cabin.Dean knew that Castiel was free to refuse. He found the words.Dean opened his mouth to protest, but closed it quickly as Castiel raised an eyebrow.

castiel guardian angel

“What do I do then, dear?” he asked softly. “I really like doing that one” Crowley told him, pointing at a constellation with his free hand. He sighed.Crowley grinned.I’m with you.Expect most of my fandoms and usual pairings to pop up. Mag Mell Facebook. ”. “Maybe we could put on some music?” he suggested. “Good.His heart warmed as he thought of them as lovers, and he decided to try and do this.They drove on; the guards ignored them due to a convenient miracle Crowley had performed. “Both of you should shut up” he muttered, but there was no heat behind it.And anyway, there wasn’t much to guard, was there, they would have said; just computers, and computers only did what the people punching the keys told them, so there was little to no danger there.To Aziraphale’s utter delight, Crowley blushed.This was just the kind of thing Crowley did and said all the time now, ever since their bus drive back to his place and the talk they’d had there. “We can go as slow as you want, angel” Crowley said, voice rather thick with emotion all of a sudden, “That’s why we’re here.Just wished for Aziraphale to learn how to drive. “Oh no” Crowley rubbed a hand over his knuckles “This is supposed to be a nice experience for all of us. “I would say it’s impossible to drive ninety miles an hour in the city, and yet you do so on a regular basis.” And, almost as if it were sentient and could understand what was being spoken, the Bentley’s motor hummed.You can’t jussssssst drive ten miles an hour in London” Crowley hissed, although his smile rather ruined the overall impression.

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